animalsWhen animals experience physical health challenges or environmental stresses they will usually exhibit specific behaviors to communicate these discomforts. These communications are often misinterpreted as bad behavior.

The balancing therapies used at RIT are wonderful for animals as well. The therapies balance the physical, emotional and environmental experiences of the animal.

Every animal’s response to therapy is uniquely different. Each session will be specifically tailored to that animal and its owner. The practitioners at RIT realize every individual animal comes with certain genetic, anatomical, physiological and emotional make-up, a distinct set of life experiences and a unique role within the family. All of these things affect the overall health and balance of the animal.

Each animal exhibits instinctive behaviors and characteristics specific to their particular breed and species. In effectively working with animals, we need to understand and respect them for their distinct nature, and recognize that therapy is not meant to change their innate make-up. (i.e. a cat’s instinct to hunt smaller animals.) The therapy does resolve imbalances within the animal and their owner(s) and can balance them to their home environments.