Rerit-logonaissance Integrative Therapy (RIT) is an independently owned business specializing in holistic healing. The owners, Deborah and Dan Mazanek, believe that the body was wonderfully designed with the ability to heal itself.

By utilizing manual therapies and a bodymind therapy approach to health and healing, Deb is able to facilitate your body’s ability to heal by locating each specific area in the body, mind, and spirit that is ready to heal.  It is all about CONNECTION.  By identifying where the disconnect has occurred, either in the bodymind or outwardly with life, the process of healing can begin.

Deborah accomplishes this by using multiple modalities during treatment including:

  •     The BodyTalk System
  •     The Accunect System
  •     Craniosacral Fascial Therapy
  •     Gentle Manual Therapies                                                                           The main goal is to help restore you
  •     Constellation Therapy                                                                                 to wholeness on every level of your
  •     Mandala of Being                                                                                          being so that you can live every day
  •     Phoenix Effect Process                                                                               as your authentic self…knowing that                                                                                                                                     you are enough just as you are.