accunetHolistic healing is about restoring the body and mind and spirit back to its natural function of healing. The practitioners at RIT utilize all knowledge and skills obtained from their educational training and seminars attended throughout their professional careers. One system stands out as the foundational core that guides sessions. This system is called Accunect.

This system is a blend of many healing techniques and theories, including Traditional Chinese Medicine philosophies, Quantum Physics, Modern Biomedicine, Neuroscience, and Tapping Techniques. Accunect trains a practitioner to be guided by their intuition and allows the practitioner to be in their heart space during a session.

The practitioner is trained to tap into the field of universal consciousness or universal intelligence to receive information through their intuition and by following a health map. The focus of every session is to restore the client’s body, mind and spirit into a relaxed state for the natural healing mechanism to function properly.

During an Accunect balancing session, the practitioner uses the Accunect Health Map to find areas in the bodymind that are ready to operate at a more optimal level.  These areas in the bodymind get out of balance due to life circumstances and the stress response that follows.  A unique balancing formula is developed for each client. A simple technique, muscle checking, is used to locate the primary focus for each balancing session. Utilizing a higher level of awareness through intuition, the practitioner is able to observe the specifics of what is ready to be restored to a balanced state of health. Non-invasive techniques redirect the body’s focus to highlight and address the areas in exactly the right order to initiate changes. The goal is to restore the deepest levels of connection, both within the body and mind and with feeling connected to your life and to your life’s purpose.

By bringing awareness to the body, mind and spirit allow changes to happen. The body and mind are taken out of stress mode (fight and flight) into healing mode. The practitioner brings the awareness to the body and mind by using a light touch to engage the body’s internal awareness to the areas identified through use of the health map.

The head is tapped lightly to stimulate the brain and the nervous system. The heart is tapped at the sternum to help store the changes throughout the body, the heart energy field, and the meridian system. This allows balancing to take place at the highest level for the mind, body, and spirit to be restored to health and wholeness.

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