Deb’s Journey with finding Natural Health Care to heal:

I always knew I wanted to be a teacher.  I graduated from Virginia Tech and taught high school biology and chemistry for 3 years.  Then I went on to PT graduate school and became a Physical Therapist.  I worked in a chronic pain clinic and was able to do manual therapies with my clients.  Some clients improved, but the majority of clients were taught how to manage their pain and how to live with it.  That wasn’t good enough for me.  I wanted them to see that they could live a life without pain.  Being a PT was somewhat limiting for me.  I could only treat the areas that the doctor’s prescription said to treat and what the insurance company would pay for.  If you had a neck issue….your insurance might say “6 visits” for a neck.  Every neck client….6 visits.  What if your neck pain needed more than six visits?  To pay out of pocket in a place that receives insurance is crazy expensive.  What if your neck pain was due to your pelvis being out of alignment?  Or, your ankle…maybe from an injury that you had when you were 12 years old, playing sports?  The MD prescription says “treat the neck!” 

The challenge was that I had taught in the anatomy/cadaver lab during my PT course work.  I knew how the body was connected internally.  I knew about connective tissue and that it is wrapped around every single structure inside of our bodies.  I knew the strength of this tissue when I dissected the body.  Our connective tissue is ONE complete system from head to toe.  Lift your arm….does only the arm move?  What about the ribs…the lungs…your heart….blood vessels and nerves are in the arm…..what about your colon……what about your knee joint?  An issue on the opposite pelvis can affect the movement of your shoulder.  Sometimes, to address an issue in the body (i.e. neck pain), you have to go to another area.

Then came energy medicine.  Wow….did this open up my world.  Energy is the medicine that your body needs.  We get energy from breathing (what if you can’t breathe deeply?)….we get our energy from our food (what if your digestive system isn’t working properly?)….we get energy from exercise (what if you can’t move your body due to pain?)….we restore ourselves with sleep (what if you aren’t sleeping well?)  Energy medicine is a system that honors the entire person….your mind, your body, and your spirit.  You are no longer just a neck….you are a living human being with symptoms of neck pain.  Energy medicine honors the intuitive mind.  I have studied extensively with two systems that teach energy medicine concepts and ways to bring the body and mind back into the natural healing process.  These systems are The BodyTalk System and Accunect.  The best part is that these systems are accessible to everyone.  You don’t have to be a PT, an MD, a medical person to take the weekend workshops.  Everyone can learn about the field of collective conscious and how to tap into it to receive information to restore yourself and others to a natural state of health.  I am able to teach the single day courses from these systems so I can help people to be empowered with their own health.

So….my professional journey really changed from my original plans of teaching biology and chemistry to having my own healing business and teaching energy medicine concepts. 

I didn’t begin my journey with energy medicine because of a personal health challenge or family crisis.  My personal journey with this work occurred after I was part of energy medicine.  I had been in the beginning stages with this work when my twins developed autistic symptoms, age 3 at the time.  They were on different ends of the spectrum.   My son did the arm flapping and perseverating on the same word 500 times.  My daughter was withdrawn.  She didn’t interact with toys and she grunted at you.  Because I had begun the journey of energy medicine….one thing that is taught is that there is balance and there is imbalance….or dis-ease…not disease and diagnosis and labels.  So, I knew that if migraines where an imbalanced state in the body and people can heal from them, then the symptoms my twins were experiencing were also an imbalance in their bodies.  We started sessions….100% energy medicine.  Since we are all connected….it wasn’t just about the twins… was about balancing the energetics with all family members and the gestational time frame.  After 2 months, their symptoms were greatly reduced.  I am happy to say that my twins are in the gifted programs at school and doing very well.  They have shown no autistic symptoms since 2005.

I love this field of medicine!!  I use it in my personal life every day, either balancing myself, my spouse, or my children.  I highly encourage everyone to learn some aspects of either BodyTalk or Accunect.  You can attend the one day courses that teach you specific balancing techniques or you can attend the weekend seminars.  For further information on the BodyTalk System, go to  For further information about Accunect, go to  I feel so blessed to have been led to this field of medicine.  It has taught me that each day of life is a journey that truly never ends. 

I am also incredibly grateful to have learned a total body fascial release philosophy called Craniosacral Fascial Therapy (CFT).  It is a therapeutic approach to release restricted strain patterns in the body.  It is a lovely therapy to receive.  Attending the three day seminar was an incredible experience.  I was able to have my entire body unwound.  Again, anyone can attend this workshop and learn how to do this amazing therapy at home for their family.  Please visit for more information.