The Mandala of Being:

This workshop provides a physical way to experience how your thoughts pull you away from your center and limit you from being present in this current moment. Recognize subconscious thoughts and how they affect your body.

The AMAZING Brain, Nervous System and Sphenoid Bone:

This workshop allows you to learn some anatomy and ways to wake up your brain and nervous system and improve how it functions for you.


This workshop teaches you how to feel energies and how to restore balance to your Chakra system, which has a profound effect on all endocrines, organs and body systems. Learn about the various connections.


This workshop focuses on the meridian energy pathways and ways that you can tune in and restore balance to areas that are blocked. Learn a few simply Qi Gong balancing sequences to revitalize your energy and meridian pathways.


This workshop teaches you about the Five Rhythms of life, how your entire BodyMind is influenced by them, and how to restore balance.

Archetypes of Your Soul:

This workshop teaches you the language of the Planets which are Archetypes of our Psyche. Knowing what they represent in our subconscious has a profound influence in how we respond to life situations. You can work with these energies to also restore balance within your own being.


This workshop teaches you some strategies to clear stored emotions and then engage the different body organs and body parts to process life more efficiently.  NFP stands for NeuroFascial Processing.

IMMUNE Health/Reducing Inflammation:

This workshop teaches you some techniques to bring awareness to different body areas so that the immune system can function more optimally.

The Phoenix Effect Process:

This workshop teaches a beautiful process to clear the emotional energy around events and people that stress you out. Learn how to create a Mind Map, work with underlying belief systems, and use visual imagery and body sensations to clear the charge that affects your physiology and sense of wellbeing.